Understanding the concept of Bio individuality

Understanding the concept of your individuality. Will help you to deal with the confusion of the many diets that come and go that work for some but not for others. It will also help you to understand why the media say one day that, tomatoes are good for you, and the next day – they're bad for you. One day, coffee is helpful to prevent dementia, and the next, it can kill you. Meat causes cancer vs. eating high amounts of meat is the only way to weight loss. Applying a blanket type of approach is not only crazy, but it diminishes our own inherent identity. We must recognize that no one diet works for everyone. We are way too individualistic to all eat the same food and thrive.

Many factors shape our individuality and therefore inform us of what foods and general dietary guidelines meet and exceed our needs. 

Many of us believe that our genes doom us to the disorders that run in our families.

However, by using a personalised approach you can eliminate symptoms and optimise your mental and physical health and ultimately rewrite your genetic destiny.

Your genes don’t set the patterns they negotiate with you. The secret being to learn how to silence the bad genes and turn up the volume on the good ones.

Your genetic destiny is more like a word document. You get to edit and revise it every moment of your life. With your food choices, your stress levels, sleep patterns & Exercise.

Your body gives you access to the best test in the world for identifying how food affects your health. It doesn’t need you to remind it to breathe, think, pump blood, produce saliva, and a million other functions.

What it does need is for you to pay close attention to the signs and signals it sends you with each meal and life choice that you make. To enable you to respond accordingly, building a healthy, happy, relationship with your body, giving it what it needs and wants so that it can give you a happy, balanced vehicle to go through life. 

We should look at nature for answers on how to do this.

An animal acts upon an instinct to bring its biochemistry back into balance. It will lick a stone wall if it needs minerals, eat grass if it's too acidic, or not eat at all if an illness is present to give its body a chance to focus on healing vs. digesting. 

Unfortunately, we have two huge challenges that animals don't have: modern day habits and advertising. We are influenced in this way, and they are not. 

What about the role of our Blood Type?

Blood types are the signature of our ancient ancestors.

Your blood type plays a bigger role in your health than you might think. It influences your Digestion, your response to stress, your intestinal flora, and the functioning of your immune system. 

By eating right for your blood type, you will regain your body’s natural genetic pathways.

Improve the functioning of your immune system and metabolic clock. Whilst clearing the system of agglutinating lectins. 

It is an historical fact that the Blood Type Diet was the first nutrigenomic diet system (the way food affects gene expression), pioneering a new approach in treating people as individuals. Nutrigenomics is now widely studied. 

Going Deeper and more personalised …

What type of calorie burner are you?

To determine what your metabolic type is, you'll need to know which of the 3 types of calorie burner you are:

  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Balanced


Fast burners tend to be slimmer and burn through their calories quickly, yet carbohydrates release too much insulin for them, causing fat storage and hormone imbalance, so they need to lean on protein and fat for sustenance, balance, and to avoid gaining too much weight.

Slow burner break food down slower and can handle carbohydrates better, using them to thrive because the glucose from them is released slowly in their system, creating balanced moods and blood sugar vs. getting stored immediately as fat. They can gain weight quickly, however, so they need to train their bodies to burn fat for fuel by emphasizing vegetables and healthy fats in their diet.

Balanced burner can go for a zone type diet of 30% fat, 30% complex carbohydrates, and 40% protein and usually thrive quite well.

About 70% of the population is in the balanced category, so if you hang out too long on either end of the spectrum, you could be setting yourself up for organ, gland, or weight imbalance down the road.

Once you know which type of burner you are, you can adjust your diet accordingly and get some nice results for both your body and your brain.

Our ancestors kept it simple, gathering local, organic foods that were in season. We've got a host of chemicals and GMOs in our food supply that never existed before and a very real need for convenience, that truly presses us to the point of adversely affecting our health choices. 

Don't lose touch with your body's natural instincts. Top up your own level of understanding of your Bio individuality. Build a better relationship with yourself, and you will experience a truly happy experience. 

Your body is a highly sensitive machine and wants to be healthy and wants to communicate with you regarding the fuel you supply it with.