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It's been called "Revolutionary".  Some say it's, "life changing".  But all agree that Dr. Peter D'Adamo's SWAMI Genotype 3 is the only dietary program on the market that captures your genetic information, biometric markers, and health history, then performs over twelve million calculations to determine a nutritional program that is completely unique to you. 

The program will create an individualized, printable 50-page SWAMI Diet Report, including: your customized food lists, recipes, and shopping lists - no two are exactly the same.

Because food is the most important factor in health, SWAMI Genottype 3 can aid in treating many health conditions:

  • Weight Loss - Get off the dieting roller coaster by identifying the foods that are right for you
  • Digestive Concerns - Selects foods which are best for your physiology
  • Hormonal balance - Recommends foods that aid in hormonal balance
  • Inflammatory Conditions - identifies key foods that work with your body
  • Immune Conditions - Food is the most important influence on your digestive tract. 

At the end of the day, there is no system like SWAMI. It takes the founding principles of personalized nutrition pioneered by the Blood Type Diet to the nth degree, giving you a level of personalization beyond anything available today. Not only will SWAMI give you unmatched amount of information, but it gives you all the tools to utilize that information on your journey to optimal health. 

Corrine testimonial as image

“I got involved with SWAMI just over 6 months ago. I was already on another healthy eating diet and
decided to run the SWAMI alongside it. It was easy to follow as I put the list of foods on my home screen of
my phone so I could always check it when out shopping. I noticed a marked improvement in my energy
levels which made it easier to exercise and my skin is fresher. I have also lost stubborn cellulite that
I have never been able to shift and my weight loss has continued. I would recommend the SWAMI
programme to anyone”
– Corrine


The Procedure? 

Once you have made your purchase. 

You will be sent a kit to enable you to take the required measurements, fingerprints, and blood type. 

Once you have sent all necessary information back by post or email. It will be checked and entered into a SWAMI profile. 

A 60-minute phone consultation will then be booked with one of our Nutritionists. In this consultation further family and personal history will be entered to create your SWAMI profile. 

A copy of your report will then be emailed across to you. 

Included in the report is a Login to enable you to have your food lists on your phone also for the Menu Planner. 

Included in your purchase is two weeks Email access for any questions that you might have on your report.


 * Please note this price is for the Genotype3 programme. Without a secretor test.

The secretor test can be purchased and added at a later date. However if you wish to add your secretor test at this point it can be purchased separately here https://genelivingshop.com/secretor-status-collection-kit/