Polyvite A Multivitamin Supplement 120 Capsules

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Polyvite A was especially designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to deliver therapeutic levels of vitamin and herbal co-factors in an easy-to-assimilate capsule form. These are the exact same multivitamin formulas that Dr. D'Adamo uses in his professional practice.

POLYVITE Multivitamins 

Bursting with antioxidant foods and botanicals, these peerless multiple vitamin formulas are carefully designed to reflect the health concerns and nutritional needs unique to each blood type. These formulas blend the Right beneficial greens, fruits and herbals for each individual ABO blood type. POLYVITE also provides higher levels of nutrients required by each blood group when under conditions of high biological demand (such as stress or illness) and which cannot be provided by food derived forms alone. In keeping with Dr. D'Adamo's research, each formula also provides ARA-6 (Larch arabinogalactan), a compound Dr. D'Adamo and other scientists have studied extensively. 

The end result is an easy to digest, highly bioavailable turbo-charged whole food supplement, which in addition to the labeled vitamins and minerals, also contains accessory nutrients such as CoQ10, lipoic acid, beta glucans, bioflavonoids, and enzymes. This is the type of pleasant nutritional side effect that can only be gained by consuming these unique whole food supplements. 


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    Polyvite A

    Posted by Shirley Proud on 18th Sep 2020

    Never know what vitamin/minerals your body is missing, so I thought I would give Polyvite A a go. Happy with it so far.

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    Polyvite A - 120 veggiecaps

    Posted by Reynolds on 8th Jan 2018

    Excellent product, really glad there is an outlet available in Europe, Fast service too. Highly recommended.