Intrinsa Dietary Supplement 120 Capsules


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Intrinsa (short-chain fatty acid supplement)

Created for use in his clinical practice, Dr. Peter D'Adamo has blended two synergistic dietary nutrients, Butyric Acid and Caprylic Acid, with Larch Arabinogalactan to create Intrinsa, a superior formula to support stomach, intestine, and colon health.

  • Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid that supports health of the lining of the small and large intestines, and serves the natural processes of aerobic energy metabolism. Butyric acid is a normal byproduct of the fermentation of dietary fiber by the gut bacteria, and is one of the main reasons why a high-fiber diet is so healthy.
  • Caprylic acid is a medium-chain fatty acid that is absorbed from the intestines and carried by blood lipids. In Intrinsa, Butyric acid and Caprylic acid are uniquely paired to work together to support optimal tissue health. Caprylic acid can help balance and maintain a healthy microbiome.
  • Larch Arabinogalactan is a source of soluble fiber. It can be converted by intestinal bacteria into other short chain fatty acids that also have beneficial effects on the digestive tract.

If you suffer from occasional digestive discomforts, Intrinsa is a must-have product that is good for all blood types.

120 vegetarian capsules
Suggested Use: 2 capsules, twice daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a physician, preferably before meals

Is this Product Vegetarian? Yes

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I love intrinsa. It helps me with my intestinal health. I feel much better when I am taking intrinsa. The skin is better and my digestion also. Although I follow blood type diet very stricktly this supplement is very good compliment to diet and exercices.
Posted by Olga Burkhanova, 9th Aug 2021


Really impressed with this product after taking it for a few days I have been able to stop a prescription drug Ranatadine - I will definitely reorder
Posted by Ms Carol Staff, 14th Sep 2018


Awesome stuff. Can't live without it. Throw away your psyllium husks and other toxic "roughage". This sorts out ulcerative colitis like a boss!
Posted by Donna Wright, 3rd May 2018