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DNA Testing for Optimum Health

One of the tools we can use, in combination with looking at factors that affect our microbiome and overall nutritional status, is our genetic response.

The human genome consists of around 25,000 genes and almost all can exist in different forms. These variations can impact not only the colour of our eyes and hair, but how we metabolise foods and nutrients. 

Dietary advice designed for your DNA

The process starts with a simple cheek swab.  This sample of your DNA is then sent to a state of the art genetic testing lab.  The lab will produce a report detailing how your genes can influence your

  • weight management
  • body composition
  • nutrient metabolism and requirements
  • cardio metabolic health
  • food intolerances
  • hormonal responses – menopause; PCOS
  • fertility
  • injury risk
  • How does it work?

    Your DNA sampling kit will be sent direct to you, it’s a simple cheek swab so no blood involved! Pop it in the post and we will send your report within 2 weeks.


    Your best diet and optimal health is the outcome

    Once we have sent you the results of your test . Our Nutritionist will be happy to book a (30 minute) telephone or Zoom call with you to simplify your report for you. 

    Maximise your genetic potential

    Your best diet depends on the individual set of variants you have for specific nutrient-related genes.