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DetoxiCal D

The body's detoxification systems have a daily demand placed upon them by both external and internal pollutants. For those whose systems carry the burden of additional demand, specialized nutrition such as following your Blood Type Diet or GenoType Diet may be helpful.

With DetoxiCal-D, Dr. D'Adamo masterfully blends two synergistic ingredients: Calcium combined with glucaric acid to form calcium D-glucarate, and the botanical Phyllanthus. Glucaric acid is found in small amounts in our bodies and in fruits and vegetables. Calcium D-glucarate is a form of glucaric acid, which is utilized in the body to enhance the body's natural detoxification abilities. Because of glucaric acid's unique place in the metabolic pathways of the liver, it can help maintain healthy hormone levels. DetoxiCal-D is enhanced with the botanical Phyllanthus, known for supporting liver function.

Give your body a metabolic cleanse today and try Detoxical-D for a 1-month period. We're certain that you will feel the difference.


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Good supplement

I follow blood type diet since 2017 and it chenged my life. This is one of supplements that I take for to help to detox my liver. I am very sensitive to many supplements but this one is very good. I have rheumatoid arthritis and with some other supplements and blood type diet it work very well and I am free of all RA meds.
Posted by Olga, 25th Jun 2020

detoxical d

very good product
Posted by Calin, 22nd Nov 2019