Deflect B Dietary Supplement 120 Capsules


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Deflect B is a unique dietary supplement designed to block problematic food lectins known to interact with blood type B. Dietary lectins can bind to the blood type receptors in the gut and immune system and compromise the intestinal tract, inhibit healthy metabolism and disrupt the immune system.

One of Dr. D'Adamo's most popular and foundational formulas, Deflect® has a wide range of applications, including

  • Assisting and maintaining healthy weight loss
  • Optimizing metabolism
  • Helping to develop a more balanced digestive system

When you eat a food containing a protein lectin that can react with your blood type B antigen, these lectins adhere to carbohydrate receptors throughout the intestines. While the reaction takes place in the gut, the harmful effects can reveal themselves throughout the body, in symptoms ranging from bloating, weight gain and lethargy.

Minimize inappropriate lectin activity by eating foods from the beneficial and neutral list for your type and supplement with Dr. D'Adamo's revolutionary Deflect formulas.

Since each blood type is susceptible to different lectins, Dr. D'Adamo has designed formulas specific to each blood type.

120 vegetarian capsules
Suggested Use:
2 capsules, 2-3 times daily with meals

(Contains Shellfish)

Is this Product Vegetarian?
No, there is one ingredient sourced from shellfish.


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Deflect B

Posted by Zuzana , 15th Oct 2020