About Us

Gene Living was formed by Wendy Richards to enable people to understand the importance of their Blood Type in terms of their health and wellbeing.

Wendy completed her Nutrition training in 2001. However, when practising nutrition, she questioned why some things worked for some clients but not for others. In 2003 she attended a course based on A Century of Blood Type Science at the Institute for Human Individuality Tempe Arizona.

This gave her the answers that she had been looking for …………

Inspired by the results with clients from following their blood type diet and supporting their biochemical individuality. It became a mission to try and educate as many people as possible to understand that they can have so much control over their own health & wellbeing by understanding their Blood type.

The goal of Gene Living as a company is to provide the education and support necessary to make lifestyle changes based on their blood type and to incorporate them into their daily life.

All of us at Gene Living would like to welcome you to share this journey to good health and vitality.